Vita JRPG Caligula Coming West

Atlus USA has announced that it will be bringing FuRyu and Aquria's PlayStation Vita-exclusive JRPG Caligula to the Americas and Europe during the spring of 2017. Because it's a Vita game and, to quote recent scientific studies, "Nobody fucking has one of those what is it we don't even know does it exist I don't believe you," it will only be available digitally. As well, it appears that scientists prefer to write without punctuation.

Caligula features the work of Tadashi Satomi, writer of the first two Persona games. It's set in Mobius, a virtual world in which our main characters are trapped.

Here are a couple of gameplay trailers from the Japanese version. Keep in mind that this is a brand new announcement, so English media is not yet available.

Story stuff:

Wandering around and fighting stuff:

Importers are really looking to feel superior to their friends can get this game pretty soon, as it will release in Japan this month. Pfft.