Listen to the Entire No Man’s Sky Soundtrack for Free

No Man's Sky has earned a reputation for being a mysterious title. Much of this trait comes from its game systems which encourage exploration of new areas, but its visual and audio presentation is also a part of the equation.

No Man's Sky has an official soundtrack that spans 10 tracks over 47 minutes. Made by 65daysofstatic, it is now available on YouTube at no cost.

The track list is as follows:


1. Monolith @0:00

2. Supermoon @6:25

3. Asimov @10:42

​4. Heliosphere @16:39

5. Blueprint For A Slow Machine @20:55

6. Pillars of Frost @26:51

7. Escape Velocity @29:47

8. Red Parallax @32:47

9. Hypersleep @37:33

10. End of the World Sun @40:19

65daysofstatic's discography includes five albums as well as several successful live tours. No Man's Sky is the first video game soundtrack that the band has produced.

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