These Are the Extra Features in No Man’s Sky’s Day One Patch

No Man's Sky's day one patch is one of the biggest we've ever seen. As detailed yesterday, it includes multiple new features as well as welcomed changes to game mechanics. Although the patch notes are extensive, there are actually more changes included than originally stated.

Players who have downloaded the v1.03 patch have been greeted with the following additional patch notes:

  • Terrain is more weird and varied. Destruction is more powerful.
  • LOD generation entirely asynchronous.
  • Scanning from space now possible.
  • Extreme hazardous planets may now be generated. Please exercise extreme caution upon planetfall.
  • Low atmosphere planets may now be generated.
  • Tuned frequency and intensity of space conflict. Ship bounties added. Expect trouble.
  • Streamlined inventory management.
  • Guidance and freedom are now optional.
  • More secrets.

Each of these changes have noticeable implications on the game experience, particularly the presence of hazardous and low atmosphere planets. Jumping from planet to planet is a core function of No Man's Sky, and having more environmental variety is huge for providing a sense of unpredictability.

The v1.03 patch is now available to all players.

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