Dead Rising 4 Takes Out Time Limits

Joe Nikholis, the studio head for Capcom Vancouver, has revealed why Dead Rising 4 has nixed the franchise's time-limit mechanic through an interview with GameSpot. Unlike Dead Rising 3 through its Nightmare Mode, there are no options in Dead Rising 4 to turn on the clock.

Nickolis removed the deadline mainly to emphasize exploration in the game and de-emphasize the need for repetition through replays. He wants to make sure that Dead Rising fans "see us adapting as we go."

However, the game's online multiplayer mode will have a timer since Capcom "wanted people to have that kind of experience with their friends." That said, he believes that this controversial decision, or any decision, will "piss someone off no matter what you do."

Dead Rising 4 releases on December 6, 2016 for Xbox One and PC. Do you think Capcom should have kept the time limit?