Myst Is Back With Obduction, a New Title With Glowing User Reviews

This week a brand new production by Cyan, the development studio responsible for Myst and Riven, released its latest work. It's called Obduction, and it's quickly become a 2016 favorite among many PC gamers.

Obduction is an adventure game with dozens of puzzles to solve. It's minimalist, just like the Myst games, but has some clever new mechanics that provide means for neat experiences.

Priced at $30, it currently holds a Very Positive rating on Steam. The general impression is that it has great atmosphere, compelling story, and a strong mixture of puzzle designs. Though, there are some performance issues, and some gamers can't even run the game. 

Oculus Rift support will be added in an update "in a few weeks", following a delay which the developer attributes to a desire to polish the patch prior to release.

Obduction was birthed by a Kickstarter campaign which accrued more than 1.3 million dollars.