Obduction free on GOG as part of their Summer Sale Festival

The Epic Games Store isn’t the only retailer giving away a game today, as you can also get Obduction free on GOG as part of their newly-launched Summer Sale Festival. GOG is a DRM-free digital distribution service that has thousands of titles both old and new and they’re letting you pick one of them up at no cost to you. You’ll have to act fast, though: you only have a few days to get Obduction at no cost before this deal goes away for good.

Obduction may have flown under your radar. This 2016 indie game was developed by Cyan Inc., a company that includes developers who worked on the Myst games. (If you don’t know what Myst is, you ought to feel deeply ashamed.) Much like its spiritual predecessor Myst, this game has you running around various locations trying to solve puzzles and figure out the plot from a first-person perspective. You can now get Obduction free on GOG, but you’ll only have until June 1, 2019, to take advantage of this deal before it’s gone.

In Obduction, players find themselves in a tiny Arizona mining town. An alien world surrounds the outside of the town, but it’s cut off by an impassable barrier. You’ve no idea how you got there; there is a grand mystery to unravel in Obduction, and it’s been crafted by a group of people who are quite practiced at making compelling adventure games. It’s definitely worth a look!

Aside from the Obduction giveaway, the GOG Summer Sale Festival is underway. One of the highlights of the sale is the release of Bioshock Infinite: Complete Edition; this GOG release bundles the game and all of its DLC into one convenient, DRM-free package. You can pick it up right now (along with thousands of other DRM-free games both old and new) at a discount — it’s 75% off for the duration of the sale.

Whether you’re looking to grab some great deals or not, you should still swing by GOG.com and pick up Obduction free before it goes away for good on June 1, 2019. After that, it will return to its regular price of $29.99 or your regional equivalent.