ARK: Survival Evolved Gets Surprise Scorched Earth Expansion With Giant Death Worm

Arriving today on Xbox One Game Preview and Steam Early Access (surprise!), ARK: Survival Evolved's biggest expansion pack so far called Scorched Earth will be bringing a new desert-themed environment to the fray.

The Scorched Earth map will challenge players to surviving the extreme heat by staying hydrated in a place with sparse water resources while building shelters and carrying tents to stay cool. There's even a dragon trench for the intrepid explorer, though you'll need to avoid going out in blistering sandstorms and electrical storms if you want to stay intact.

The expansion will include new flora, items, tools, weapons, and creatures befitting the dune-filled, canyon-ridden world. You can use whips, boomerangs, wind turbines, and flamethrowers to aid and protect your tribe's base. Roaming the desert, you can tame camel-like Morellatops and Wyverns, perhaps even a Death Worm. Better yet, you'll be able to carry over any items you find and any creatures you tame back to the island in the main game for bragging rights.

ARK: Scorched Earth will retail for $19.99 on Xbox One and PC (plus Mac, Linux, and SteamOS) and will require Survival Evolved to install, but to entice new players to join, the base game will be on sale at 40% off during the week.

The ARK games also now support NVIDIA Ansel for capturing in-game shots, and the Xbox One version of the base game will receive HD resolution support and the user-created Primitive+ mod.