Ark: Survival Evolved Epic Games Store release isn’t delayed, it’s hidden

Correction: We misidentified an Ark: Survival Evolved mod creator hosted on the Epic Games Store as the actual game which was clearly incorrect. We apologize for the error. Our original story continues below.

Is the Ark: Survival Evolved Epic Games Store release delayed? If you were looking forward to getting your free Ark: Survival Evolved Epic Games Store giveaway, you might have been worried by its absence on the store frontpage. It’s still very much available for free right now — it’s just hiding.

Speculation about the Epic Games Store giveaway of Ark: Survival Evolved being delayed was kicked off with a blog post from Studio Wildcard that refers to recent events and states that it will be delaying an in-game celebration until June 11, 2020.

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“Given the situation in the US, and the rest of the world right now, we will be rescheduling the ARK in-game celebration until Thursday, June 11,” the blog post stated. “We understand that our community has much anticipated the ARK in-game party and the launch of Crystal Isles, and we’re looking forward to sharing all we have prepared for you next week. We felt it would be inappropriate to celebrate milestones during the present time as there are bigger things afoot, and that outweighs any plans we otherwise had. We believe now is the time to be respectful and hear the voices of others.”

As a result, this has led many to speculate that the Ark: Survival Evolved Epic Games Store release is being delayed. However, that doesn’t quite seem to be what’s happening: the game is available right now.

Ark: Survival Evolved Epic Games Store page

If you take a look at the front page of the Epic Games Store right now, you’ll only see Overcooked! available as a free game from now until June 11, 2020, and a Mystery Game being stated as the reveal for next week. There’s no mention of ARK: Survival Evolved and searching for Ark brings up no results.

However, a trip to the Ark: Survival Evolved Epic Games Store page shows that the giveaway is very much active — it’s just hidden. You should also note that while Studio Wildcard announced that it’s postponing its in-game event, it made no mention of postponing the Epic Games Store release for the game.

It’s still quite possible that this was a slip up and Studio Wildcard intended to delay the launch of Ark: Survival Evolved on the Epic Games Store; that might explain why it’s not showing up on the front page or in searches. Still, I was able to grab it myself without any apparent problems, so you might want to get it quickly before something changes.