Satisfactory Steam release date finally set for June 2020

After more than a year of waiting, the Satisfactory Steam release date has finally been set for early June 2020Satisfactory first made its debut as an Epic Games Store exclusive, and now it’s going to be coming to Steam, albeit a little later than expected.

If you’re not entirely familiar with Satisfactory, it’s a game that’s all about mining resources and building machines to refine those resources into more useful components. Ultimately, players are working on some sort of grand project, although the end game hasn’t quite yet been released.

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It originally launched as an Epic Games Store exclusive; these exclusivity contracts usually last for one year. However, the one-year mark passed back in March and yet we so no release; the developers joked that it would be launching on Steam on its second birthday in 2021. Thankfully, Coffee Stain Studios has since announced the Satisfactory Steam release date as June 8, 2020.

Whatever the reason for the delay, you’ll be able to get Satisfactory on Steam Early Access for $26.95 or your regional equivalent thanks to a 10% launch week discount. If you don’t want to wait, you could always pick it up on the Epic Games Store at the same discount.