Undertale Dev Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary With Unreleased Music

One of this generation's most profound games debuted on September 15th of 2015, precisely a year ago. Made by Toby Fox, that game was Undertale, a classically inspired RPG known for its witty humor and fun combat mechanics.

In celebration of Undertale's anniversary, Toby Fox has published a post on his blog, which includes his thought on the game blowing up in popularity:

Surprisingly, there are many people who like this type of game. Though I did work hard, there’s definitely a lot of luck involved in having a game become this popular. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if I never made a game as successful again. That’s fine with me though.

Not only did I not expect this level of popularity, but initially, I was afraid of it. I didn’t want UNDERTALE to become tiring for people, or become spoiled before anyone even got a chance to play it. Early on (this was probably excessive) I even tried to contact certain Let’s Players to tell them not to make any content about it.

Included in the post are five musical works that never made it into the final version of the game. You can listen to them and read Toby's full post here.