Blade & Soul’s Ebondrake Citadel Update Lets You Watch Players Beat Each Other Up

Today, NCSoft published a content update for Blade & Soul titled Ebondrake Citadel. The main attraction of the update is the addition of a new endgame dungeon. For invested players, it's a reason to login and try something new. But that's not the best part of the update.

As of today a Spectator Mode has been added to Blade & Soul. This allows players to spectate 1v1 Arena matches where two players face off in competitive fashion. It includes a variety of tools for moving and controlling the camera, providing ample opportunity for viewing and recording violent exchanges between characters.

The mode will be used to livestream tournaments, but is also available for the average player to watch and potentially learn from high skill players. Alternatively, players can watch their friends face off with one another.

The spectator mode was shown off in a recent demonstration, seen below:

Blade & Soul is a free to play MMORPG. You can read our review here.