Shadow Warrior 2 Is Selling Like Hotcakes

Shadow Warrior 2 has quickly become the sleeper hit of Fall 2016, or so many gamers are saying. Many overlooked it, but many of those who have tried it have fallen in love. This reception goes beyond what the original Shadow Warrior accomplished in 2013, paving the way to growth for the franchise.

Devolver Digital has announced that Shadow Warrior 2 has sold four times as many copies during its first week on the market when compared to its predecessor. This has made it the most successful launch for both Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog in their existence.

Flying Wild Hog studio director Michal Szustak shared his excitement:


We're a small studio with only about 75 people, and each of us poured our hearts and souls into making a bigger, different experience for Shadow Warrior 2. That our fans and critics have largely applauded our efforts means the absolute world to us.

The studio hasn't concluded its work on Shadow Warrior 2, though. Post-launch content is currently in the pipeline, which is confirmed to include new weapons, missions, characters and even an "ultra-hard" challenge mode. There are also Xbox One and PS4 ports coming next year.