Atlas Reactor Devs Respond To Malware In Their Chat System

The Discord Chat system is attempting to be the next big thing in in-game communication, and its campaign was bolstered when Atlas Reactor, an up-and-coming turn-based-MOBA crossover with a growing following, picked it up, becoming the first game to release using the system as a primary means for voice chat.

Having played the game at PAX West, I can tell you there's an awful lot to like about Atlas Reactor, and our own Paul Tamburro agreed, and wrote a glowing write-up to that effect.

Atlas Reactor also has the unfortunate distinction of becoming the first game to suffer the consequences of that chat system, specifically in Discord's lack of cyber security. In a news release, Symantec – the company behind various anti-virus software – outlines how Discord's chat servers have become a host for malware, posting links, pictures and attachments that all can be harmful to your computer and personal security. Many users will see a pop-up such as this one.

Of course, something like that is almost humorously fraudlent, but the problem is apparently prevalent enough to warrant a soft, unsolicited response from Atlas Reactor developer Trion Worlds.

And, as the developers have been quick to point out, this is hardly a new problem that requires an innovative solution, at least, not as far as the consumer is concerned. Follow the basic rules of the internet – don't download random files, don't give out your personal information – and you should be fine. In fact, that is the gist of Symantec's advice as well.

It's also important to note that you are not required to download Discord in order to play Atlas Reactor, but it might be a smart note to play without chat until these problems are addressed on a more in-depth level. Yes, we should avoid clicking things like "FreeMemes.exe.," but Discord shouldn't be a service that constantly presents its users with that opportunity.