Atlas Reactor will shut down this summer

Atlas Reactor, a turn-based tactics title from the now-defunct Rift developers Trion Worlds, won’t be around much longer. According to an official blog post from the team, Atlas Reactor will shut down on June 28.

“It’s with a heavy heart that we announce today that the Atlas Reactor servers will be shutting down,” reads the announcement post featured on the official Atlas Reactor website. “This is not a decision that we have taken lightly, but we have come to the conclusion that the game can no longer sustain itself.”

Atlas Reactor released on October 4, 2016 to positive reviews. Many praised the game for its unique take on the tactics genre. Steam reviews call the game a bit of a mix between Overwatch and X-COM. We also called it “one of the most fun multiplayer games” at the time. However, the title never earned the audience it deserved.

During Atlas Reactor’s existence, Trion Worlds was acquired by Gamigo and disbanded. A shame, as the studio was always inventive. Trion also partnered with Syfy to launch a video game/television show hybrid around Defiance. Another title, ArcheAge, was meant to reinvent the MMO with a sandbox style. And, of course, Atlas Reactor went to change the turn-based tactics landscape.

As of today, April 17, there are no more microtransactions in the game. Moreover, Atlas Reactor now gives out digital currencies much faster, and fans who’ve logged in from January 1 to today will find a “small parting gift” in their inventory. In memory of the title, Mervin Lee Kwai, vice president of development at Gamigo, made a final statement:

“Atlas Reactor was a truly innovative game built by a passionate group of highly skilled developers. I was lucky enough to watch our team breathe life into the world of Atlas on a daily basis. They broke the mold of same-y games, and a dedicated community rallied around the title. Despite the support of this great group of fans, Atlas Reactor never grew big enough to fund its continued development. It’s a shame to see this chapter come to a close, but perhaps we’ll have a chance to revisit the innovative spirit of Atlas in the future.”