This Is the Cheapest PS4 Bundle You Can Get This Black Friday

If you've been through this year's Black Friday ads you might have noticed that just about every retailer is trying to push this holiday season's standard PS4 bundle for $249.99. It's a good deal, but one that doesn't feel too special given how easy it is to find. For serious shoppers, there is a better option.

Online retailer Rakuten will be offering the Uncharted 4: A Thief's End PS4 bundle for $229.99. The deal was confirmed via an ad that mistakenly shows a PS4 Pro console instead of the PS4 Slim.

This is the lowest price we have found, and is expected to sell out swiftly. If you're interested, be sure to mark your calendar for 12:00AM PST (midnight Thursday) and have a quick keyboard trigger finger ready. Note that free shipping is included.

Sony is expecting the PS4 to sell extremely well this holiday season, delivered by its lowest price ever and the introduction of new hardware in the form of the PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR. Its Fall games library has been mellow, but the long anticipated The Last Guardian will debut in just a couple weeks potentially drawing in Team ICO fans who haven't made the transition to current-gen.