Tracer Confirmed To Have A Girlfriend In Overwatch ‘Reflections’ Comic

Blizzard has been telling us for weeks now that LGBT characters will be confirmed soon. That confirmation came today in the form of Overwatch's "Reflections" comic that showed Tracer in fact has a girlfriend – or at least a woman with whom she is romantically involved.

This comes on page 8 of the new comic, and the panel is as follows, after Tracer and her presumptive girlfriend Emily exchange gifts.

In the comic, Tracer is struggling to find a last-minute Christmas gift for Emily – a blue/green scarf – but she feels guilty and gives the last one to another patron at the store. Fortunately, the holiday spirit works in her favor when a young girl bestows the exact same scarf unto Tracer just in time for her to bring it home.

Tracer's exact sexuality is still unclear, as far is if she is a lesbian, bisexual or some other identity in the LGBT spectrum, but I doubt that much will be explicitly confirmed.

Mixed Reaction

Tracery's newly announced sexuality has been met with mixed reaction. Many are wondering if this is merely perpetuating the "hot lesbian" trope. Basically, the argument is that Blizzard is taking a shortcut to LGBT representation by using the identity that is most accessible to straight men, who often fetishize lesbian relationships.

With this route, it doesn't truly challenge the paradigm of representation because everyone who is pro-LGBT will applaud while everyone who is anti-LGBT – so the argument goes – can still get off to it. Overwatch's bustling porn industry cannot be understated, and anyone trolling Rule 34 threads are sure to see an uptick in Tracer Lesbian porn.

And, there's something to be said for understating someone's sexuality, the way The Last of Us did with Bill – a character who just so happened to be gay, but it was never made into "a thing."

Some have also argued that a more challenging paradigm shift would be the inclusion of gay male characters – some have even suggested elevating the bromance of Roadhog and Junkrat, two male characters that emphasize hyper-masculinity. While this would be an interesting addition, it shouldn't come at the cost of female LGBT representation, which is disproportionately low compared to male LGBT representation.