Watch: Guy Performs “Paint It Black” Drum Cover In VR

To many, VR represents a means to have new experiences that might otherwise be impossible. But as we’ve learned from games like Job Simulator and Tilt Brush, sometimes it’s the ordinary tasks that are the most incredible in VR.

A video published by YouTuber Emre Tanirgan serves as a great example of this. During the six minute video, he can be seen playing the drums for a full set of The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black”. Though, there are no drums to be seen, or at least not in the real world. Instead, Tanirgan uses the HTC Vive motion controllers as drumsticks, and the entire layout of his drum set is built virtually.

Perhaps the best part of it all is that he can enjoy playing the drums without making any noise. Well, at least his neighbors can’t hear it, anyway.

The software Tanigran uses is called Paradiddle, and it’s a creation of his own. He can be seen playing the Pokemon Theme using it here. Paradiddle is currently in development with no estimated release date.