Halo MCC VR mod puts you in the Chief’s perspective

With the recent release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, many gamers are getting their first chance at playing this iconic series. One game developer, however, isn’t quite happy with the state of the game, and that’s why he’s making a Halo MCC VR mod.

Let’s get the big question out of the way first and foremost: yes, this Halo MCC VR mod does indeed support motion tracking. A video uploaded on Twitter begins with the modder Nibre picking up a virtual reality headset and moving it around quickly; the view on a monitor on a back wall moves in unison with the movement of the VR headset.

Halo MCC VR mod goggles

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From what we’ve seen so far in this brief demo, the mod also has full motion controls for the VR controllers, too. After wiggling around the VR headset for a bit, Nibre then picks up a controller and begins moving it around, showing a gun in the background responding to his motion. He then switches to the game’s iconic energy sword and makes sweeping strikes with it simply by moving his controller.

Describing the video as “more progress”, Nibre appears to be making some pretty decent headway with the mod. Of course, there’s still probably a lot of work that needs to be done, and we shouldn’t expect to get our hands on it in any fashion until it’s in a more playable state.

Nibre certainly has a lot of experience working with VR. He’s listed as the creator of the MotherVR mod for Alien: Isolation and a developer on HL2VR. He’s also a HaloRuns administrator and describes himself as a “general Halo addict”, so it’s no surprise that he would take the time to make this mod for one of his favorite games.

If you’re curious about how this Halo MCC VR mod works, you can watch the video below to see it in motion. Nibre will probably release his virtual reality mod for this great bundle of Halo games whenever the heck he feels like it’s stable enough. Follow @nibre_ on Twitter to keep up with the mod’s development!