The Division Teases Last Stand Expansion, Fans Unimpressed

Heading toward its one year birthday, Tom Clancy's The Division is still receiving post-release content. In November it received Survival, the second of three total expansions originally confirmed for the game and sold as part of a season pass. Debuting to general positivity, the expansion went a long way toward addressing concerns about content variety. That will be further encouraged with the game's third expansion, which was revealed today.

The Division's third expansion is being called Last Stand, a title revealed by a short teaser trailer released today. Seen above, the trailer indicates that the expansion will add a team-oriented PvP mode that has one team play defense and the other offense. Side objectives that incorporate non-combat elements are likely.

Last Stand will be included as part of the upcoming v1.6 update, an update long-anticipated by players as it will add named weapons and a PvP overhaul.

Reception of the trailer has been relatively negative among most of The Division's vocal community as expressed on social media and forums. Posts share sentiments that such a PvP mode would potentially do very little to reinvigorate the game, and would be a hard sell as a $14.99 expansion.

Ubisoft has planned a full reveal of Last Stand for tomorrow morning at 8AM PST via live stream.