WoW: Legion’s Upcoming 7.2 The Tomb of Sargeras Patch Hits PTR Server

While many saw the release of World of Warcraft's 7.1.5 update this month as a reason to log in and play, it appears Blizzard took it as a signal to move forward with its next big update: 7.2.

Starting today, 7.2 The Tomb of Sargeras is playable on the public test realm (PTR). This will include most of the upcoming patch outside of its raid additions.

The most significant elements of 7.2 are the following:

  • Raid: Tomb of Sargeras (9 bosses)
  • Dungeon: Cathedral of Eternal Light (4 bosses)
  • Dungeon: Karazhan (Heroic)
  • Faction: Armies of Legionfall
  • ​Quests: World and Class Quests
  • PvP: Brawl Modes
  • Content: Return of Legion Invasions
  • Feature: Legion Flying
  • Feature: Solo Challenges
  • Feature: Artifact Traits

Legion flying has been seen as the biggest part of the update for many players, as it will provide a means of quick transportation around The Broken Isles. This will be unlocked through a class questline that eventually rewards you with a class exclusive mount.

Blizzard has made clear that 7.2 won't be out for a few months. However, it wants to get ahead on testing to ensure that it can continue pushing new content to Legion as the months go on.

All players have access to the PTR at no cost, providing access to the additions noted above on a test server. You can transfer your character by logging into account management. Note that PTR progress doesn't transfer over to live servers.


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