10% Of Registered Resident Evil 7 Users Have Played Using PSVR

At this point the general consensus states that Resident Evil 7 is a scary game. And if you play it with PSVR, you could say that it's a horrifying game. But just how many people have really played it in VR? The answer might surprise you.

Out of a total of 1,069,065 registered Resident Evil 7 owners, 99,994 have played the game with PSVR. These figures indicating higher than expected usage of Sony's VR headset were released by Capcom earlier today.

In response, Capcom has shared its interest in pursuing VR further going into the future.

VR has recently seen a slowdown in hardware adoption. Though, many experts have faulted this on their high price of entry and the low quantity of available software. Both of these concerns will be addressed in time. the question will be whether or not these improvements can come soon enough to make an impact on the market.