Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day Festivities Are Starting Today

Pokémon Go isn't the raging global obsession it once was, but it's still a massive hit – the game continues to rake in exorbitant profits and franchise interest for Niantic and Nintendo alike. Arguably the app's greatest achievement has been bolstering interest in the mainline Nintendo 3DS ​Pokémon titles, but that doesn't mean Go players are being left high and dry. In fact, starting today, a bevvy of new perks and advantages will be available for an entire week in honor of Valentine's Day.

Most notable is players' flow of incoming candy; it's about to go way up. Candy earned for hatching, catching, and transferring ​Pokémon will be twice its normal amount, while the time it takes for ​Pokémon to actually find candy is cut in half. It's clear the link between Valentine's Day and candy is a strong one in the eyes of Niantic.

Also increasing is the frequency with which pink monsters of all kinds can be found slinking around in-game (and in real life, given the title's augmented-reality nature). There doesn't appear to be an official list of pink creatures that are now reproducing at alarming rates, but we do know the likes of Clefable, Porygon, and Chansey have made the cut. Additionally, egg hatching will yield more Cleffa, Igglybuff, and Smoochum than you might normally expect.

The Valentine action starts today at 11AM PST, giving players one whole week to enjoy the advantages. I suppose it can be seen as a perk that ​Pokémon Go is a game often resulting in actually meeting people in real life. Go find your valentine!