You Too Can Attend E3

After an incredibly long period of being strung along, E3 finally threw us a bone. In fact, it seems they threw everyone a bone, opening up E3 to the general public for the first time.

If you want tickets at a discounted rate, you'll have to buy early. Starting Monday, Feb. 13 at Noon (yes, noon), Eastern time, 15,000 tickets will go on sale for $150 for a three-day pass. Sometime after that, that price will jump to $250, so you better act quickly.

Previously, E3 was only available to exhibitors, media and those affiliated with the entertainment industry. Last year's tickets for a non-media affiliates was $995, so this can be considered a steep discount.

This move echoes the E3 Live event they had last year, held next door to the convention center. They offered 20,000 free tickets and apparently got enough of a response that they felt they could successfully monetize this event by offering more access.

It's safe to say that LA will be even busier than it usually is come June 13.