Sorry Terry Crews, Overwatch’s Next Hero Isn’t Doomfist (Probably)

Terry Crews has been leading a grassroots, populist campaign to voice the fabled and unreleased Doomfist in Overwatch. Whether or not Crews would voice him, though, everyone seemed to agree that Doomfist would be the next new hero in Overwatch, which, as we learned yesterday, could come at anytime.

But "everyone" in that sentence apparently does not include who is perhaps the most influential voice on the team – game director Jeff Kaplan.

Kaplan actually threw us a bone today, when responding to a question about the next hero on the forums, posting "24 is not who you think it is." "24" refers not to the Jack Bauer-led show, but to the 24th hero in Overwatch, as Sombra was the 23rd. Since everyone though the next hero would be Doomfist, Kaplan is either incredibly out of touch with what the community is talking about, or he's saying that the next hero will be someone else entirely.

Of course, I have to address the old "is this a smokescreen?" question. Perhaps, but unlikely. After yesterday's announcement, it seems Kaplan is done playing games with the community, which is still reeling from the Sombra ARG. Plus, everyone thought Kaplan was lying or misleading us when he said there wouldn't be any Valentine's Day event, but here we are, after Valentines Day without even so much as a heart-shaped spray to go along with it.

This seems to be legit. While I'm sure Doomfist will arrive in Overwatch at some point, it seems it's not quite his turn in the spotlight. So the real question is: who IS next?