Watch: Bold New Jason Teased For Upcoming Friday The 13th Game

The release date for Friday The 13th: The Game is still up-in-the-air, but that just leaves more room to kindle excitement.

For a while now, we've known that one of the additional pieces of content would be a playable Jason character designed by Tom Savini, the makeup designer for parts one and four. Today, Gun Media gave us our first look at his daring version of the infamous killer.

Of course, most of his outfit is shrouded in darkness, but the key feature is the fresh-out-of-hell, Ghost Rider look, with fire coming out of his hockey mask. He also appears to have several frills to his general outfit, and a weapon with a large handle (perhaps a scythe or a huge axe).

This version of Jason is not directly pulled from any one of his on-screen iterations, functioning as a completely original concept.

More will be revealed on this leading up to the game's eventual (but still unspecified) release date, but, if this is enough to convince you, you can pre-order this version of Jason for an additional $6.00 on the game's official website.