Rumor: Box art for new Rocksteady game Outlaws has been leaked

Update: The promotional images that surfaced for Rocksteady’s Outlaws have reportedly been confirmed as fake. Find out more here.

Original story: Box art for a new Rocksteady game has allegedly been leaked, with what appears to be a placeholder case for the Batman Arkham creator’s long-rumored DC game doing the rounds online. Outlaws, which was allegedly leaked earlier this week, is said to be based on the comic book vigilante group of the same name. Its world premiere will reportedly take place on April 26, 2019, though no release date has been revealed as of yet.

The box art for the game appeared in a now-deleted Reddit post, with it showing little more than the game’s title alongside the Rocksteady, DC, and WB Games logos. It seems highly unlikely that, if this leak is to be believed, this will be the final version of the game’s box art.

This fresh leak has popped up after a promotional image for the unannounced game circulated online. First appearing on 4chan, the image points to a world premiere on April 26, with it also including the trademarks for DC Comics and Epic Games. This suggests that the game will be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC, which would continue the company’s streak of acquiring big-name releases for its digital distribution platform.

Rocksteady was previously rumored to be working on a Suicide Squad game, though these recent leaks suggest that the studio is taking on a different DC vigilante gang instead. The group was formed by Red Hood, a.k.a. Jason Todd, Starfire, and Arsenal, with the likes of the Joker’s Daughter, Bizarro, and Artemis also joining the faction throughout its run.

In the Batman Arkham series, Todd assumed the mantle of Red Hood after laying his Arkham Knight alter-ego to rest. The Red Hood takes on Gotham’s criminal underbelly after Batman’s real identity is publicly revealed, though as Todd has no problem with killing, his take on justice is far more violent than his former mentor’s.

It has been speculated that Outlaws will be a live service game similar to Destiny, suggesting that Rocksteady is moving away from Batman Arkham‘s focus on single-player. However, as neither of these leaks has been verified, they should both be taken with a pinch of salt. With the premiere slated for this Friday, we won’t have to wait long to see if the leaks are true.