Valve Confirms New Steam Client Beta ‘Probably’ Coming This Summer

From my early predictions that For Honor was going to be a disaster to my subsequent laudatory review, you can tell that I'm not one to shy away from eating crow and admitting that I was wrong. Well, with the image that floated around the internet about four weeks ago now appearing to show a new concept for a Steam Client, I was certainly one of the naysayers.

Given the source of the image leak being one of varying veracity and the numerous errors (Mortal "Combat") on the image, I was too skeptical to believe that a new client was actually in the works. As it turns out, I was wrong.

In an interview with YouTube channel Valve News Network, Valve employees Tom Giardino, Alden Kroll & Chris Boyd spoke about the leaked image, confirming that it was, in fact, real, attributing the errors to the image being "a mock up."

Boyd stated that the image being contained in the beta update was "purposeful," and indicated that it was "early concept stuff."

But the real nugget of the interview came when Boyd said "We improvements coming around for library, chat, how Steam is used in VR. Probably sometime this summer, we'll have a new client beta that users can opt in to."

Kroll did give the disclaimer, though, that "it may or may not look like anything the concept."