Watch: Pro Counter-Strike Player ‘fnx’ Receives $30,000 Donation On Twitch

Yesterday was a rather average day for professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player fnx. On schedule, he spent a few hours practicing with his team before streaming pick-up games to a live audience on Twitch. Though, there was one moment that stood out.

Mid-way through his stream, fnx received a donation totaling at $30,000 (60,000 Brazilian Reais). It goes without saying that he was both surprised and elated, repeatedly shouting in Portuguese, “you are crazy, man.”

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time the viewer who gave him the money has made a large donation. He donated 30,000 Brazilian Raeis to hen1 shortly ago, and perhaps even more importantly donated 22,000 to fnx on another occasion. The funds were never charged back, making it appear that this is the real deal.

It’s unclear how or why this viewer is willing to donate such large sums of money. We do know from speaking to Motor2K, a well-known donator, that there are wealthy people that simply like to be acknowledged from their favorite streamers, and see it as a better use of money than “champagne” and other luxuries.