Overwatch Head Shuts Down Anchora Theory

At 2017's D.I.C.E summit (not to be confused with EA DICE), Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan gave the keynote address, and it's clear that "not who you think it is," is his new favorite catchprhase.


During the keynote address, Kaplan spoke about the development of Overwatch, and brought up a concept art image from the early stages of the game, The image, while featuring loose versions of heroes we already know, such as Roadhog and Mercy, also showed a mechanical spider-creature in the center.

With the introduction of the mysterious new character Efi Oladele, many people drew what they saw as a strong connection to a hero named Anchora, who was allegedly leaked on 4chan some time ago, with many speculating that Anchora was, in fact, the hero in the center of the image above.

Kaplan, keenly aware of the fan theories, had a different take:

"Before our subreddit implodes, I just have to say that the hero in the center of that image is not who you think it is," Kaplan said.

I guess it's back to the drawing board for fan theories. I'm still under the impression that Efi is going to be a super villain, though, and a lack of Anchora doesn't change my mind.