Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Director Details Clockwork City Based Trial

I recently had the chance to speak with ZeniMax Online Studios director Matt Firor, the head Elder in charge when it comes to all things ESO: Morrowind. In addition to what was uncovered regarding the expansion chapter's core new features and additions, our discussion also touched on all-new trials, dungeons, and topics of similar ilk.

Speaking specifically about a 12-man trial included in the update, Firor had the following to say regarding its premise and ties to lore from the original game. As I noticed and Matt agreed with, "it's clear the Morrowind nerdery runs deep."


We have one new trial, it’s called the Halls of Fabrication. In the video, you saw the players went into the Clockwork City, and players did that in Tribunal, one of the expansions for Morrowind. And you go into Sotha Sil’s Clockwork City, and he’s trying to create an exact copy of Tamriel inside a little sphere under Mournhold. So in this trial it actually takes you into a part of that to adventure around. And also, the main story of the chapter takes you into a little bit of the Clockwork City as well.

Interesting – the Clockwork City 700 years before Morrowind? Regarding the main story portion anyway. Regardless, the Halls of Fabrication trial will no-doubt be a nostalgic romp through familiar territory, albeit updated and tailored for ESO specifically. Other notable additions are two new public dungeons, a "giant" scavenger quest, all new achievements, and of course, lots of loot.

Bethesda released a gameplay trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind earlier today, and described its features at length. The chapter expansion releases on June 6th of this year, and will become the de facto retail version of the game.