Report: Ubisoft Bans For Honor Players For Trying To Remap Their Controllers

Because For Honor is a peer-to-peer game, all anyone wants to talk about in terms of its technical issues is that. However, another major disappointment with the game's PC version is the inability to remap your controller. You can change the key bindings on the mouse and keyboard, yes, but the controller is untouchable.

Naturally, of course, people will try to use a program to remap their controller themselves. But, many of these For Honor players are being hit with Ubisoft's ban hammer. There are many reports of people being banned for seemingly no reason, including one such Redditor who claims to not even own the game, but there seems to be a common thread among other ban reports: Xpadder.

"Only used Xpadder for the gamepad," writes one forum user, "Tested it in practice mode," writes another.

But, it seems Xpadder may actually be against Ubisoft's Terms of Use, which specifically bans the use of "'macro' computer programs." While it's not the smoothest comparison, since Xpadder is more about customizing your controller layout, you can use Xpadder to create macros, and Ubisoft's terms of use plainly prohibit that.

This could work out well for people in For Honor with many combinations suddenly becoming available through one button press. That being said, I have to wonder how Ubisoft expects anyone to remap their controller on the PC, since the game itself offers no avenue. If their response is "you can't, and you're not supposed to," then that creates a whole other issue.

GameRevolution has reached out to Ubisoft to confirm if the use of programs such as Xpadder is a violation of this provision of their terms of use, and to see if they plan to make controller remapping an available feature on the PC to avoid this. For now, this is just another on the list of reasons to not like how For Honor has been implemented.