Overwatch Reveals New Hero, Orisa, Created By Efi Oladele

They've been teasing a new hero for a week or so now, and finally Blizzard has revealed what they have in store for Overwatch. Orisa, a robot hero created by Efi Oladele, is available and in the PTR right now.

Orisa is a tank that relies on defending and disabling opponents while boosting her teammates. She was created by Efi Oladele as a response to the attack on the Numbani airport that destroyed the OR15 defense bots.

Orisa appears to be a prototype of the new models. One thing was confirmed by her intro video though: it was Doomfist, himself who attacked the airport.

This means that part one of my prediction was correct: Efi Oladele did create Orisa in response to a Doomfist-led attack. But was she working with him all along, and will she use her new creation to usher in an era of fascism and oppression? Wild speculation and conjecture at this point, but we'll see.