Persona 5 Sizzle Trailer Shows Off Gameplay And Anime Scenes

With less than a month to go before Persona 5's worldwide release (2017, am I right?), Atlus, Deep Silver, and Sony have put out a sizzle trailer to get folks talking about the game in the coming weeks. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited and so are millions of series fans, but in the midst of what's already been an astonishingly good year for games, it can be difficult to keep up. As a character in a JRPG might say, bring it on.

The new trailer sets the premise of P5 which, as with P4, involves a new student (the protagonist) attending school, and the subsequent, often supernatural events that follow. The trailer also shows off the game's anime-style video scenes, which have increased in number and should go a long way in fleshing out characters and plot.

It's an interesting choice given that the game has already seen a special episode anime adaptation with more likely on the way, but I suppose it lends a level of stylistic continuity between source and adaptation that most probably find desirable. If you're new to Persona, its essentially a Shin Megami Tensei spinoff where you play as a teen who goes to school, makes friends, builds relationships, and battles inner psyche-derived monsters called Personas against each other. That's the very quick and dirty; you'll just have to play yourself to find out more.

Persona 5 has been out in Japan since September of last year, and releases worldwide for PlayStation 4 on April 4th.