Report: Project Scorpio To Utilize Supersampling And 4K Bluray Player

With PS4 Pro currently magnetically absorbing most of the attention when it comes to cutting edge home-console graphics, it's about time Project Scorpio began generating buzz again. Earlier today new information regarding the upcoming device surfaced that appears to be doing exactly that, including revelations about new features and functionality, some of which the PS4 Pro currently lacks.

The features mentioned include advanced shading and shader compiler improvements via Shader Model 6, "True 4K" resolution, as well as graphics enhancements on standard 1080p displays tahnks to a technique called "supersampling."

These details were uncovered in an exclusive post by Windows Central, according to the site's "trusted sources." Of course, this means there's no guarantee the information will come true exactly as described, but it does fit the bill of what one could reasonably expect from Microsoft's upcoming device. You can view some of the finer points below.


When Project Scorpio launches, it will come with Shader Model 6 (SM6) and shader compiler improvements, not only for Scorpio, but for existing Xbox One models as well. SM6 is an API for creating shading, and the new version should bump up efficiency across the board, saving developers time and system resources.

Existing games that make use of dynamic scaling on Xbox One will achieve their target resolutions more frequently on Project Scorpio, without patches or updates. Project Scorpio will also lead to less dropped frames, meaning existing Xbox One games should look and run better on Project Scorpio, hitting their target frame rates more often.

Lastly, games that sport True 4K assets will also enjoy graphics enhancements on 1080p displays, thanks to the console's supersampling technology. There are many games on Xbox One that sacrifice anti-aliasing quality for performance in other areas, resulting in models with jagged edges. Anti-aliasing gives objects the appearance of smoother edges, at the cost of system resources.

For games that have 4K updates on Project Scorpio, 1080p sets will see improved image quality, because the otherwise wasted resolution will be used to provide smoother edges and shadows. Games such as Ghost Recon: Wildlands, which suffer heavily from jagged edges due to the game's huge draw distance, should see large benefits from this technology.


That all sounds good to me; I'm just hoping Microsoft doesn't come out tomorrow and debunk half of what was said. Notably, Project Scorpio appears slated to have a hardware 4K Bluray player, something the PS4 Pro lacks. Given that Sony is literally the owner and creator of the Bluray brand and associated licensing and technology, this outcome is puzzling to say the least.

The folks at Angry Mob games have previously commented on Scorpio, saying it makes Xbox One games look old. Meanwhile, we've previously discussed the potential cost of console fragmentation, and the downsides that could ensue if Sony and Microsoft are not careful. PlayStation 4 Pro appears to be doing a respectable job so far, so we'll see if Project Scorpio can follow suit.