No 72-Hour Mode, But Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising DLC Will Have A Timer

One of the most controversial aspects of Dead Rising 4 was the removal of the series' beloved 72-Hour Mode, where the player would have to race to do as much as they could in 72 in-game hours in order to get the best ending, in favor of a generic, linear story with interspersed cutscenes and no variation.

However, many people speculated that the story DLC pack "Frank Rising," which also hides the game's true ending, would bring the mode back. While bringing it back as paid DLC would be disappointing, it would be better than nothing. But those hopes were affirmed today when Capcom gave full details on Frank Rising, including a price ($9.99) and release date (April 4 for Xbox One and Windows 10, and April 11 for Steam).

Perusing the announcement, you'll find no such references to a 72-Hour mode, a timer, or any other hint that it might be coming back. Since the 72-Hour mode would be a huge selling point of the DLC, it's amazing that they would leave that bit of information out this close to release. But, in case you're still skeptical or hopeful, I was able to get official confirmation from Capcom that while this DLC won't feature the 72-hour mode, it will have a timer.

Besides that, it also appears that Frank might be a super zombie, potentially with super sonic screaming powers. They will also be releasing a Mini Golf DLC pack, quadrupling down on an admittedly funny joke from the main game.