The Making of Resident Evil 7: The Baker Family Almost Had An Attack Dog Named Diane

Resident Evil 7 has become the latest title to get in on the video game documentary market, with a straight-up four-part documentary series on the making of its acclaimed survival horror sequel. Part one released today, revealing many aspects of the game itself, including a few things that ended up getting cut from the final product.

One of those was that the Baker Family once had an attack dog named Diane. That one is a particularly disappointing cut, not that it harmed the final product, as being stalked by an attack dog would have added a whole to level to the more grounded fear of Resident Evil 7.

Also cut from the finished product was a holding breath mechanic, where some enemies would detect you if they could hear you breathe, so you had to hold down a button and watch a breath meter go down on screen while you wait for the zombie to pass.

"It was a really fun idea, but we found that people tended to tense up and hold their breath for real, making it very tiring to play," Executive Producer Jun Takeuchi said. "It was a great idea on paper, but we ditched it because we thought doing that for 15 hours would give people hypoxia."

There is no word on when the next three parts will be released, but be sure to catch them on Resident Evil's YouTube channel when they do!