PSA: Orisa Will Go Live In Competitive Overwatch Today

After a week in hibernation, Orisa is ready to break through the walls of competitive Overwatch. Blizzard released Overwatch's sixth tank hero in quickplay, arcade, and custom games last week.

But, game designer Scott Mercer announced that Orisa would be disabled in competitive mode for the first week of her existence. That time is up.

This decision is likely following feedback the Overwatch team got when they released Sombra, who went directly from the PTR into competitive play, and upset many users, who took to the forums to voice their concerns. If I were a cynical one (har har), I would point out that this is unlikely to actually curb complaints, as people on the forums will always find a reason to be upset.

That being said, the extra week in quick play has likely given users ample time to adjust to life with Orisa, and this will likely increase the pickrate of a hero like Sombra, given how necessary her EMP will be to stopping Rein and Orisa barriers, in addition to disabling the white-hot, nigh-unstoppable Bastion.

There has been no announcement yet as to if Orisa's competitive launch will coincide with the release of Patch 1.10, currently being tested in the PTR. This includes a tie-breaking procedure for 2 CP maps, a modest rework to Lucio and a change to Eichenwalde to add a second pathway for attackers, in addition to several other changes.