Fire Emblem Heroes Gets Easter-Themed Outfits With New Trailer

Nintendo has a knack for camp and whimsy when it comes to add-on content and Fire Emblem, and the latest example is a slew of Easter-themed, "Special Hero" updates to Fire Emblem Heroes. Part of the title's Spring Festival content, Heroes will be offering rabbit-themed attire for heroes Chrom, Lucina, Xander (who now clubs foes with a large carrot), and fan-favorite Camilla of Fire Emblem Fates fame.

Nintendo put out a trailer to promote the new content, which can be viewed below.

While some might view such content as similarly shameless to outfit updates in Dead or Alive, there is a certain level of charm here that's endearing to fans, in particular the hilarity of seeing Chrom and the other male heroes decked out in bunny suits (an occurrence which, for better or worse, is less common than bunny garb and female game idols). The overall tone of the update echoes that seen in some of Awakening's similarly humorous Festival, Beach, and Spa DLC, known in particular for their amusing re-imaginings of Fire Emblem's main theme.

Fire Emblem Heroes, like many apps, is free to play but offers micro transactions. You can check out our coverage of the game here.