The Nvidia TITAN Xp Is Now The World’s Most Powerful Graphics Card

Nvidia has an obsession with being able to say it has the "world's most powerful graphics card". One year ago it was the GTX 1080. Shortly after it was the TITAN X, and then the comparable GTX 1080 Ti. Now, it's the TITAN Xp.

The TITAN Xp has been announced, and at a price point of $1,200 it's taking the place of the former TITAN X, going as far as having an identical shroud and architecture.

Below are the main specs as they compare to Nvidia's two other top-tier cards.


GPU Boost Clock1,582MHz1,582MHz1,531MHz
CUDA Cores3,8403,5843,584
Memory Bandwidth547.7 GBps484 GBps480 GBps
Floating Point12 TFLOPS10.6 TFLOPS10.5 TFLOPS

It might not appear like much of an upgrade, but its performance is roughly the equivalent of throwing a GTX 680 on top of the TITAN X, and has debuted at the same price as the latter. It's been built with the high-end user in-mind, and those extra bits of performance are everything to them.

This release might seem insignificant for the average consumer, but is a product of Nvidia's continued research & development. Although 99.999% of gamers will never even consider buying one, the technological progression made during its design and creation will be used for future releases, including those that reside at a much more affordable price point.

As far as what the p stands for, it stands for Pascal, the architecture that the card is build on.

You can read more about the Nvidia TITAN Xp here.