Endless Space 2 Exits Early Access On May 19

It took longer than a theoretical trip to Mars, but Endless Space 2 is finally ready to exit it's 7-month-long stay in Steam's Early Access program.

Developer Amplitude Studios announced today that Endless Space 2 will release on May 19, 2017. This shouldn't be a huge surprise to anyone paying attention. Their coveted "Update 3" released last month, and, according to their Early Access Roadmap, was the last update they had scheduled before eventual release.

The space 4X game will release as the fourth entry in the so-called "Endless series," which includes Endless Legend, Dungeon of the Endless and the original Endless Space. Endless Space released in 2012 on PC and Mac and was met wit mostly positive reception. In fact, our review gave it an impressive 4.5/5.

Endless Space 2 will draw many comparison's to Stellaris, but the former is a more traditional Grand Strategy game that is turn-based, rather than real-time, and has clear victory conditions which several parties are striving for.

The game will come out on PC, with no word on any other platforms just yet.