Free Prey Demo Is Now Available On All Platforms [Update]

Update #2: This demo is not available for PC.

Update #1: The official Prey Twitter account announced a one hour delay for the demo. Nonetheless, it is now available.

Original Story: Yesterday we learned that review copies for Prey won't become available until launch day. Although this means that consumers won't have a large library of impressions to help make a day one purchasing decision, Bethesda has something almost as good to help with that.

A free demo for Prey has just become available on all platforms. It's called Prey Demo: Opening Hour, and it offers a sneak peak into the full experience coming next Friday.

Prey Demo: Opening Hour is a fully playable demo of the first hour of the game. In it, an ordinary day of work for protagonist and scientist Morgan Yu makes a turn for the bizarre. Soon, Aliens have infiltrated the interstellar facility where she works, and things quickly get out of hand.

A new trailer has arrived to accompany the playable demo, which can be seen below.


Prey is being treated as a full reboot for the IP, taking very little inspiration from the first title. It will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 5th.