PC Gaming Lord Gabe Newell Gets His Own Video Game

Valve CEO Gabe Newell a.k.a. Gaben is a popular figure in the world of PC gaming, so much that he's become a living meme of sorts. Harnessing this power is Mariusz Gibas, a developer who wanted nothing more than to honor Gaben with a video game of his own.

The game is called Gaben Kingdom, and it's currently Steam exclusive. Described as an action game with puzzle platforming, in the game you play as Gaben as he seeks to "save the world from evil hands of vicious corporations" using the power of "our beloved cheap games and game sales".

On his quest he will travel to 70 levels across 7 worlds, each referencing major themes in PC gaming, the Steam ecosystem, and even global politics. The worlds are as follows:

  • Spring Sale world
  • Summer Sale world
  • Autumn Sale world
  • Winter Sale world
  • Peasants' world (because everyone knows that PC Master Race is the only way to play)
  • Brexit world (because laughing at politics is always fun)
  • Corporate world (deal with these nasties, once and for all!)

Admittedly, beneath the layer of humor is a traditional 2D sidescroller that probably isn't going to blow your mind, and for some reason Gaben's sprite looks like Naruto. Comedic relief is clearly the focus.

Funny enough, the game was approved through Steam Greenlight, so it appears that Valve doesn't mind the humor. Or maybe it just hasn't taken notice.

We recently traveled to Valve's HQ to interview Gabe Newell among other Valve employees. We can confirm that Gaben is, in-fact, awesome.

Gaben Kingdom will release sometime this month on Steam.