RIAA Caught in the Torrents

I love it when people/companies are hypocrites, don't you? Homeland Security and RIAA, two of the most vocal groups against online piracy, have employees downloading music via torrents. Isn't that online piracy?

These employees were unmasked via YouHaveDownloaded.com, a site that contains a database of all of the IPs and downloads of torrent users. The database is searchable, so all it takes is someone with IP address knowledge to discover who is downloading from that IP.

TorrentFreak already unveiled BitTorrent users at Sony, Universal Studios, and Fox, but today, they found that the RIAA and the Department of Homeland Security have some BitTorrent users too. The copyrighted material illegally downloaded by 6 unique addreses from the RIAA includes recent albums from Jay-Z and Kanye West as well as full seasons of Dexter, an episode of Law and Order SVU, and a pirated audio converter and MP3 tagger.

As for Homeland Security, they had more than 900 unique IP addresses downloading copyrighted materials.

So I suppose the moral of the story is that it's only online piracy when others are doing it. Well done. You've really helped the ongoing battle for digital copyright.