What Are The PlayStation VITA Launch Titles, Exactly?

Even as someone in the business, I'm confused about the VITA's launch titles. Sony came out with a long release list back in December on its official blog, and while that clarified much, it still didn't clarify everything.

Which games are actually available on the console's February 22 release date? Which are available during the early week release for the First Edition Bundle on February 15? And what about those "launch window" titles? What's that supposed to mean? How long is a launch window anyway? Isn't that just an excuse to release a title whenever you want?

Regardless, I've taken the time to comb over all the primary source material (aka not jst Wikipedia) to compile a comprehensive list for the entire PS Vita launch list.

Launch Day (*Asterisked games available Feb. 15 for First Edition Bundle)

Army Corps of Hell – Square Enix

*Asphalt Injection – Ubisoft

*BEN10 Galactic RACING – D3 Publisher of America

*Blazblue: Continuum Shift EXTEND – Aksys Games

Dungeon Hunter Alliance – Ubisoft

Dynasty Warriors Next – Tecmo Koei

Escape Plan (PSN) – Sony

*F1 2011 – Codemasters

*FIFA Soccer – Electronic Arts

Hustle Kings (PSN) – Sony

*Little Deviants – Sony

*Lumines Electronic Symphony – Ubisoft

*Michael Jackson The Experience  – Ubisoft

*ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Sony

Plants vs. Zombies (PSN) – Sony Online Entertainment

*Rayman Origins – Ubisoft

*Reality Fighters – Sony

Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen – Namco Bandai

StarDrone Extreme  – Beatshapers

Sony StarDust Delta (PSN) – Sony

Tales of Space: Mutant Blobs (PSN) – Drinkbox Studios

Touch My Katamari – Namco Bandai

*Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Capcom

*Uncharted: Golden Abyss – Sony

*Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition – Sega

*WipEout 2048 – Sony

Launch Window

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention – NIS America, Inc. (April 17)

Gravity Rush – Sony (Q1 2012)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 – Warner Bros. (April 1)

LittleBigPlanet – Double Eleven Limited (March 31)

Madden NFL 13 – EA Sports (Agusut 28, 2012)

MLB 12 The Show – Sony (March 6)

Mortal Kombat – Warner Bros. (April 2)

Ninja Gaiden Sigma PLUS – Tecmo Koei (Q1 2012)

Resistance: Burning Skies – (May 29)

Ridge Racer – Namco Bandai (Spring 2012)

Silent Hill: Book of Memories – Konami (March 27)

Supremacy MMA: Unrestricted – 505 Games (March 13)

Unit 13 – Sony (March 6)

Warrior's Lair – Sony (March 31)

TBA (Some of these are a bit dubious, and may not evfen have North American release dates.)

Bioshock? – Irrational Games

DJMax Technika – Pentavision

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock – Supermassive Games

Dragon's Crown – Vanillaware

Dream Club Zero Portable – Tamsoft

Dungeon Defenders – Trendy Entertainment

Dust 514 – CCP Games

Egg'n'Roll – Lamagama Entertainment

Final Fantasy X HD – Square Enix

Great Little War Game – Rubicon Development

Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes – Traveller's Tales

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection – Kojima Productions

Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD – Just Add Water

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD – Just Add Water

Persona 4: The Golden – Atlus

Puddle – ENJMIN

Resistance: Burning Skies – Nihilisitc Software

Sound Shapes – Queasy Games

Tales of Innocence R – Namco Bandai

Time Travelers – Level-5

Ys IV – Falcom

Zone of the Enders HD Collection – Kojima Productions