D.Va’s Heroes Of The Storm Skins Have Overwatch Players Green With Envy

Usually when a hero from Overwatch is added to Heroes of the Storm, it's met with a fair bit of criticism from players of the latter. A lot of complaints circle around whether that hero fits with the feel of Heroes of the Storm, or if their abilities, which are translated directly from Overwatch, are overpowered in this brand new game.

But, after D.Va's announcement in Heroes of the Storm, the shoe is on the other foot. Now it's the Overwatch players that are upset while the Heroes of the Storm audience finally has something to celebrate.

While D.Va is still in the testing realm of Heroes of the Storm, her current build addresses some balance complaints that Overwatch players have lodged, arguing that D.Va's current state in Blizzard's shooter is vastly underpowered. Namely, Heroes of the Storm added more armor, buffed her pilot mode and gave her increased damage in certain situations.

Most importantly, however, are the skins that Heroes of the Storm's D.Va has that Overwatch's version doesn't. Here are all the skins for D.Va in Heroes of the Storm.

This has Overwatch players in something of a tizzy, particularly among avid D.Va fans, who have always campaigned for better skins. The veracity of these complaints is up for debate, but it is true that Overwatch players have been asking for Starcraft-themed D.Va skins pretty much ever since the release of the game, to no avail. Yet, in Heroes of the Storm's first iteration of the character, boom! Starcraft D.Va skins.

And, to their credit, D.Va is far less-skinned in Overwatch, so to speak, when it comes to special event skins. Her two event skins, only one of which is legendary, falls well short of heroes such as Tracer, Torbjorn, Mei and Mercy. That being said, her numbers are also relatively middle of the road, and far better than say Hanzo or Soldier 76 who both only have one event skin, neither of which are legendary.

Still, though, this information is likely to provide little solace for D.Va fans in Overwatch, with many people already taking to the Overwatch forums and to the sub-Reddit to express their displeasure at what is now seen as an imbalance favoring the Heroes of the Storm audience.