A New Need For Speed Is Coming In Fall 2017, Will Have Offline Support

A new Need for Speed is on its way, and today its developer took the time to share a few details about what we can expect from it.

In development at Ghost Games, the studio responsible for Need for Speed Rivals and Need for Speed 2015, Need for Speed 2017 aims to be a game that takes feedback into great consideration. That will mean several things, chief among them the fact that you can play offline without any internet connection—a feature thousands of fans have asked for.

Ghost Games emphasized in today's blog post that customization will play a major role in the experience, as will cop chases. Initial details make it sound most like Hot Pursuit, which is considered one of the greatest releases in the series.

But where it will deviate from many of its predecessors is in its multi-discipline gameplay. Not only will you race on long, windy roads and backstreets, but also the off-road. It's unclear if off-road vehicles will be included, but at he very least your tires will touch a lot of different surfaces.

A single image accompanied the blog post (seen above) which shows a car racing near a fence in a desert environment. The image, and announcement, suggest that the outdoors will be featured front and center, moving the series away from the city-centric levels of its latest games.

A full debut is scheduled for E3, which is only weeks away.