Following Success Of Bayonetta And Nier: Automata On PC, Vanquish Is Being Ported Over

SEGA has announced Vanquish for PC. Scheduled for a release on Steam, the title will support new graphics options as part of a "best practice conversion treatment" that takes advantage of modern PC hardware to deliver the best version yet.

A video demonstration of the port can be seen above.

Vanquish originally released in 2010 to positive reception on PS3 and Xbox 360. Although it would require years to achieve one million units sold, it served a major role in PlatinumGames' growth as a studio, now employing more than 500 development team members.

PlatinumGames has taken kindly to PC during recent years, going as far as porting over Bayonetta and hosting a Nier: Automata release on the platform. In return, it has sold hundreds of thousands of units on the platform, further incentivizing support.

Steam users who already own Bayonetta on PC will receive a 25% discount on Vanquish.

Vanquish will release on May 25th exclusively on Steam.