Madden 18’s “G.O.A.T. Edition” Cover Will Feature Tom Brady

New Madden titles come and go each year like the rising and setting of the sun, and as such the cycle of information leading up to release becomes fairly predictable. We've now reached the point in the cycle for Madden 18 where we learn about boxart and featured cover athletes, and this time EA is taking something of a stance on "greatest of all time" debates (also known as GOAT). The upcoming Madden features recent Super Bowl winner and comeback kid Tom Brady, as part of the game's planned "G.O.A.T. Edition."

Aside from the Brady cover reveal, a number of other features and points of interest have been revealed and compiled by Madden fans over at NeoGAF.

  • They're adding a story mode to Madden this year
  • It was confirmed earlier this year that Madden would switch over to Frostbite for their graphics/engine rendering (they've been using a hybrid engine called EA Ignite since last gen)
  • Release date sounds like Tuesday August 22nd, but unsure of whether that's the early release w/ EA Access, which is usually the Friday before the official release

Additionally, the following has been extracted from the game's currently incomplete Amazon listing. While the bullet points appear to currently lack proper grammar or comma usage, they do suggest new features and modes we can expect to find in Madden 18.

  • Powered by Frostbite Madden Like You've Never Seen Before
  • Play Now Live Play the best real world NFL match ups each week
  • Target passing Play Styles Arcade Simulation Competitive Coverage Assignment Coach Adjustments Favorite Ways To Play MUT and Franchise

The so-called G.O.A.T. Edition is currently listed at $79.99 on Amazon, with a release date of August 22nd. It's unclear if Brady will also feature on the standard edition cover, a turn of events that would surely up his chances of being victim to the Madden Curse, and a decision I can't possibly imagine he'd risk. Perhaps he isn't superstitious. Regardless, we should know more about the game soon, and if you're not a Brady fan you'll just have to cross your fingers he isn't the sole focus of this year's Madden festivities.