Sega’s “Road to 2020” Plan Includes “Revival Of Major IPs”

Regardless of its stature in modern times, Sega is a name that resonates and instantly comes to mind when you think classic gaming. The company knows this, and according to its recent "Road to 2020" business plans (available in PDF form here), Sega plans to do something about it.

The strategy document contains a wide variety of material, from noting Sega's current successes (Persona, Total War, Yakuza) to areas where it may need to improve. The document includes details about upping Sega's arcade presence in Japan, getting its hands in toys and animation, and bringing some of its IP to pachinko machines (of course, also in Japan).

Most notable though is talk of "revival" of Sega's vast cache of intellectual property, much of which has been dormant in recent years. You can check out a screenshot from the strategy document below, where this is specifically noted.

Few other details are given in the document, such as particulars on which "past" and "major" IPs Sega has in mind for revival. That's likely intentional – spoiling the surprise is certainly not part of the company's strategy. Either way, options are extensive, and the list on Wikipedia doesn't even cover everything Sega technically has the rights to.

I'm all for Sonic the Hedgehog, but it's nice to hear Sega strategizing creative avenues of success and looking to honor the rest of its character and IP catalogue. We recently reviewed Sonic Team's Puyo Puyo Tetris, a superb puzzler – if nothing else, I'd absolutely be up for more of that.