Sonic Lego set includes a giant Dr. Robotnik (but no Jim Carrey)

A new Sonic Lego set has been officially revealed, with Sonic the Hedgehog being officially transformed into a blockier version of himself by way of a Lego Ideas project. The block-building company has now confirmed that the set will soon be officially available, following in the footsteps of Nintendo and its Mario set.

The Sonic Mania — Green Hill Zone set will be officially brought to life by Lego, with the company revealing that it will be collaborating with Sega in order to make it happen. The concept was initially posted by creator Viv, known as toastergrl on the Lego Ideas platform, with it now leading to it being manufactured and sold in the future

“We’re very excited to release toastergrl’s Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone project as our next LEGO Ideas set!” Lego said in an update published on the project’s Ideas page. “The final design, pricing and release date are still being worked out.”

What does the Sonic Lego set include?

lego sonic set ideas

Viv’s full concept for the Sonic Lego set includes:

  • “Classic” Sonic the Hedgehog minifigure
  • “Classic” Dr Eggman, Motobug and three Flickies as brick-built figures
  • Heavy Gunner and Heavy Magician as brick-built figures (new!)
  • Green Hill Zone “Palm Tree”, “Spring”, “Bridge and “Loop” modules (redesigned!)
  • Egg Robot mech (redesigned!)
  • Phantom Ruby and Ring accessories
  • ~700 pieces, with 8 new prints (excluding minifigure parts) and a sticker sheet

Lego does tend to deviate from these initial designs as it works on the concept with the creator, so the project may not be completely replicated during this process. However, a Sonic Lego set comparable to Viv’s will be on its way, with the company set to finalize its release date and more information regarding its launch in the future.

The announcement of this new Sonic Lego set is good timing, with Sega set to celebrate the mascot’s 30th anniversary in June.

In other Lego-related gaming news, it was recently revealed that the upcoming Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga would be missing key current-gen console features. The company also released an impressive (if expensive) Lego NES model last year.